Movements and body signals give the most profound picture
about ourselves. In bodywork sessions, we work with these
experiences in order to support your team members’
wellbeing and professional development.

Values and results

In our experience-based processes we work mostly without words
since bodywork exercises are aimed at the unconscious pre- and
nonverbal layers of the psyche. The merits of bodywork, though, can
be well expressed with words. So what kind of values
can you expect from bodywork?

Awareness and attention

We become more aware of present actions, interactions, sensations and emotions.
It is easier to gain and digest new information and perspectives.
Decision making gets quicker and more effortless.

Self-reflection & self-knowledge

We can approach our mates, ourselves and the outside world with fresh new eyes.

Our unconscious mechanisms can be reflected on more effectively with our body sensations.

We can test more constructive behaviour patterns in a playful way.

Flexibility and resilience

We grow to be more open-minded.
Our cooperational and social skills improve.
We can realize that the real source of power lies within. At hand, inside, in our body.

Stress release and recharge

Due to physical activities stress symptoms get mitigated.
We can connect to our creativity and energy in order to overcome every-day challenges.
Body, spirit and mind become balanced and centred.


(Magyar) KI/VAGYOK A MUNKÁMBAN?! — Márciusban indul első “publikus” csoportunk

(Magyar) A body at work történetében már sokféle formában támogattunk csoportokat, illetve szervezeteket. Most márciusban először viszont egy olyan programot hívtunk életre, mely abszolút nyitott: vagyis bárki, bármilyen szevezetből, vagy akár éppen “állás- és hivatáskeresőként” csatlakozhat. A cél azonban fix: olyan reflexiós lehetőségeket biztosítunk a csoport résztvevőinek, amelyek segítenek közelebb kerülni önmagukhoz és tisztábban látni a hivatásukkal kapcsolatos céljaikat és szándékaikat. 

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Stress-relief with a guided tour — body at work is back on scene

After having been invited by the Budapest History Museum, our team facilitated two workshops in their amazing building last autumn. Extraordinary spaces and an extraordinary mission: visitors of the museum could take away calmness and trust after our stress-releasing sessions.    

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Why do corporate wellbeing programs turn to dust?

Huge enthusiasm in the beginning… moderate interest a couple of weeks later… hollow training rooms in the end. We know this scenario only too well. At least if we talk about corporate welfare programs like yoga, lifestyle counselling or any initiative that seems immensely creative and constructive at the very first sight. Australian scholar Gordon B. Spence aimed at finding out what the causes of failure are and how they can be anticipated successfully.

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