Dina’s story and how it all began…

I am from the world of communication. From a world, where you have an answer for every question, where you know what is right or at least optimal, where you can explain and reinforce anything… and its opposite, of course. Where words are the bridges between human and human, thought and thought, emotion and emotion… 


As a copywriter and editor, I’ve worked for an American multinational firm, a marketing agency in Athens, for a Hungarian TV production company… Besides writing, I’ve been always involved in learning and development: for many years I was supporting people to express themselves in English with confidence in coporate and private context, respectively. And step by step, I got more immersed in L&D: firstly, I was creating e-learnings and managing trainings, later on I became a designer and facilitator of communication trainings.



Diána Göncz – Founder of body at work

While walking on my personal development path, I bumped into bodywork in 2012 and it brought such transformations into my life I had never experienced before. I realized there is a rich and exciting realm beyond words: my body and my movements carry deep and true messages about myself. And all these can be exploited in my personal and professional life.


After 3 years of training, I graduated in 2017 as a dance and movement therapy assistant. At the same time, I completed the coaching course of GROW Group that has provided me with tons of exciting techniques and a valuable humanistic HR perspective. I am a founding member of Bodywork Association and I contribute to its operations actively on the present day, as well.


In the last 2 years, I facilitated a couple of different self-knowledge groups and also workshops with movement meditation. And since I am also “corporate at heart” , I quickly realized: the methodology of bodywork could be extremely effective also in business environment. Fortunately, this vision got an answer from the outside world immediately: the Budapest Institute of Banking (BIB) provided some space for my mindfulness focused bodywork sessions with its fresh and professional training programs.



Last autumn we had some inspiring and aspiring discussions with Ági Holló about the possibilities of using bodywork in corporate context. Ági is an HR consultant, coach and bodywork facilitator and she had great insights in the topic but at the time there were no practical steps taken. Then suddenly it was January 2019 and I got positive there is no way backwards: I would like to actualize this vision in real 3D. This is how body at work was born with a professional team including Ági Holló, Viki Szörényi and Juli Sebő and this website so close to my heart. I do believe that with our unique yet simple method we are able to bring values and results into life. Yes, because it is not us who give values: we merely provide space for the participants of our workshops so that they will find their own answers and ways for self-improvement.


More information about my professional journey and studies is available on my LinkedIn-profile.