We do believe in development…

…and we also believe in self-acceptance. In our private life just like at our workplace. We at body at work aim at providing safe and professional space for your team to get transformed.


Experience-based recreational and self-knowledge group sessions with free movement – to support corporate welfare strategies and development programs.


Group processes with flexible duration, frequency and topics on the premises designated by clients.


  • Cognitive, emotional and social rigidity and automatisms
  • Stress, burn-out, loss of interest
  • Low level of attention and awareness
  • Fields awaiting improvement (e.g. assertion, control, empathy, resilience, etc.)
  • Fluctuation and prevention of fluctuation
  • Building trust
  • Integration (e.g. employees in home office, Generation X, Y and Z)
  • Change management


Diána Göncz

Founder, communication professional, bodywork facilitator

Ágnes Holló

HR consultant, coach, bodywork facilitator

Júlia Sebő

Clinical psychologist, bodywork facilitator, bodywork facilitator trainer, psychodrama facilitator, yoga instructor

Viktória Szörényi

Stott Pilates instructor, integrative dance and movement facilitator, bodywork facilitator