Stress-relief with a guided tour — body at work is back on scene

After having been invited by the Budapest History Museum, our team facilitated two workshops in their amazing building last autumn. Extraordinary spaces and an extraordinary mission: visitors of the museum could take away calmness and trust after our stress-releasing sessions.    


No, we don’t wanna deny it: Covid literally demolished the “budding” ambitions of our little team in 2020, as far as our movement-based OD and wellbeing programs were concerned. All of our projects were put to a massive pause, since most of the employees were not allowed to connect with each other in person for a very long time. We – in the team of body at work – also got pretty much “frozen” and we were not seeking new (ad)ventures at all. A couple of months ago, though, “the mountain finally went to Muhammad” since we were contacted by the Budapest History Museum regarding a prospective guided tour with bodywork for their visitors. We were immediately “melted” by this inquiry and we said YES without a sec of hesitation.


Our “internal guided tour” took place on 24 September in a truly unique space: in the Budapest History Museum’s Gothic chamber of 200 m² which was built during the reign of King Sigismund of Luxemburg.  


Gótikus csarnok (BTM)
Soundcheck and preps before our workshop in the Gothic chamber of Budapest History Museum


Due to Ági Holló’s absence, our team was completed by the art therapist Mariann Vári, who is a colleague of us, and a fellow member in the Hungarian Bodywork Association. We decided to dedicate this 90 min long workshop for slowing down, looking inwards and relaxing, and we were happy to see that even foreign visitors had joined our dance and movement session. At the end of our workshop, we could find our way back to ourselves, our real Selves – together with our amazing participants. 🙂  


Due to the countless positive feedback and the Museum’s enthusiasm, we were asked to repeat the “show”: on 4 November we could facilitate another worksop – this time in the sunlit and starlit Baroque chamber of 400 m²


Bodywork a Barokk csarnokban (BTM)
In the Baroque chamber of Budapesti History Museum Barokk on 4 November 2022 just before our workshop


On this occasion completed with Ági Holló, we were about to release stress with even more participants. This time, though, our focus was more on playfulness, intense motions and (self-)massage. It was truly touching to see in the last pairwork of the workshop how many of our participants could have a deep rest and allow themselves to rely on the support of the other. It was also an amazing experience for us that we could keep safe space for our participants in such an extraordinary space. Hereby we would like to say thank you once again for the colleagues of the Budapest History Museum.   


body at work (Göncz Diána, Szörényi Viktória, Holló Ágnes) a Budapesti Történeti Múzeumban
Diána Göncz, Viktória Szörényi and Ágnes Holló – the team of body at work – in the Baroque chamber of Budapest History Museum


We do hope to have the opportunity to return to them in the very near future, and we also hope that our mission already “sown” in 2019 – that is supporting the development and wellbeing of workplace communities with high efficiency and a lot of laughter – will be able to turn from bud to bloom. You bet, we’ll go for it!